The Miracle Molecule C60 EVO

Dec 7, 2019 | Interviews

The Miracle Molecule C60 Evo with Chris Burres & Patty Greer in the House

A SatChat about the importance of choosing the right C60 supplement for yourself and loved ones.

Chris, with his partner Wong, has been making C60 since 1991 when they invented the only reactor of its kind to create C60 whilst in college.

The evolution of C60 had to happen where a new standard was set to guarantee purity and quality to consumers. So they opened C60 Evo to sell direct to the public with a guarantee that their C60 is safe for human consumption.

To get this amazing product shipped to your door to start enjoying the benefits, go here: https://www.c60evo.com/ref/POH/

And use the promo code: POHSPEC to get your special 5% discount.



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