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Video Clip: About C60 Evo’s ESS60 Potency

Chris Burres and his parent company (SES) have been selling C60 to research institutions around the world since 1991. These products have been used for multiple applications and his pedigree is selling at a very high level in the fullerenes industry. C60 Evo products...

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Testimonial for C60 Evo – March 18, 2020

 Like to promote a product that I've never done before here since this group was made to show how to make your own c60 in oil but I've taken c60Evo.com for now 6 dys and can tell a difference in quality from others I've taken. I still believe in making your own and...

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Testimonial for C60 Evo – March 2, 2020

C60EVO the new stuff from SES Research, is it any good? I decided to put it to the test, and find out. I think I'm in a good position to tell after taking c60oo from Live Longer Labs for over 2 years. I've been very satisfied with c60oo from LLL, and it's considered...

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C60 Evo’s ESS60: Immunity, Health & Transformation

C60 Evo: Immune boost, Health, and Transformation In this Panel, C60Evo.com CEO Chris Burres, Outreach Director Patty Greer and host Alfred Lambremont Webre discuss C60Evo's ESS60 fullerine molecule's properties as a powerful Anti-Oxidant [172 times more powerful than...

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