Take ESS60 For Optimal Health & Vitality

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Experience the Magic For Yourself!

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Take ESS60 For Optimal Health & Vitality

Experience the Magic For Yourself!

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C60 Evo 4oz Olive Oil

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C60 Evo 4oz Olive Oil

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After taking C60 Evo everyday for about three weeks, I see a difference in my hair believe it or not. I also see a difference in my energy. At dinner recently, friends I hadn’t seen in about a month asked "What are you doing?" They said I looked different and really, really good. I hadn't noticed,...

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Love C60 from C60 Evo. Have been on it for only 6 days and already am feeling amazing. My energy is incredible - I simply don’t get tired. Also my dreams are much more vivid and I wake up actually feeling like I have slept. Giving it to my shitzu who was very sick and the vet said his liver...

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I am here to highly recommend this amazing product! I have taken it for one week and the changes in my skin have been more than miraculous! For the last two years, I have openly expressed my worries of my body “rejecting” my largest organ, my skin. My arms and legs were scaly with the appearance...

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I've been using C60 Evo myself and absolutely love it. Feel younger and have more energy. I now also give it to my 16 year old dog and have seen his over-all health improve and specifically improvements in his eyesight and hearing.

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I just wanted to let you know the benefits we were looking for in a C60 product for our 13-year-old miniature rat terrier have been realized with C60 Evo for Dogs! In the past we had tried another pet version of C60 and it did not do anything. Shortly after we started dosing him with C60 Evo for...

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I've been using C60 Evo with great results for a month. Inflammation has gone away. Lots more energy, Better sleep, etc. I am 60 years old and did not think I was going to able work and make it to age 62. Now I can! Also mental clarity has come back. And a lift to my libido. It has helped with my...

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C. Donovan

My wife and I are taking a teaspoon daily. I wasn't noticing any changes until I realized that I breathe more freely at night (I've had allergies to molds, pollen, and animals all my life), especially when I arise in the morning. Many have been sick at work so I have increased my dosage 50% and I...

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Mike D.

I've been taking C60 Evo for about a month. My hair appears to slowly be reverting back to its natural brown from grey. I'm optimistic about this powerful antioxidant.


My wife and I can tell your product is superior to the other C60 products that we have used. I really enjoyed hearing the podcast because I used to take C60 with the coconut oil with my ketosis-based diet, so understanding the extra potency in olive oil helps. I have noticed more mental clarity...

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C60 Evo is awesome! I'm starting my 3rd month. Many benefits started quickly, the most pronounced is increased energy. I have tried many different products before but nothing compares to C60 Evo!

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Buy Now and Save $10 – Use Coupon Code: EVYOUTUBE10 at Checkout!

What Makes C60 Evo Your Best Choice?

  • C60 Evo’s lab has been manufacturing and distributing C60 for 29 years with great integrity.
  • C60 Evo’s raw C60 has been produced, certified and guaranteed to be safe for human consumption.
  • Our well-educated staff is standing by to assist you with all of your C60 Evo needs.

How Will C60 Evo Affect You & Your Pets?

  • C60, the Carbon 60 molecule, delivers MORE than 172% the power of vitamin C as an antioxidant!
  • C60 is a known antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory remedy.
  • C60 neutralizes free radicals from toxins and cell metabolization to help minimize inflammation and maximize detoxification.
  • People report better sleep, more energy and renewed mental clarity when taking C60.
  • C60 Evo offers special formulas for cats and dogs and the testimonials have been impressive!
  • The highest purity C60 available today is our proprietary “ESS60” from C60 Evo.

Our Unique Process to Produce ESS60

  • The most common way we manufacture C60 is with a carbon arc. We take two graphite rods and vaporize the graphite so that it frees up individual carbon molecule pairs (C2). Those pairs coalesce into the shape of a Buckyball. This is the production process with the highest yield.
  • The resulting product is carbon fullerene soot, and that soot tends to have between 5-10% fullerenes. The remaining material is comprised of amorphous carbons which are different from fullerenes, and are not known to be good for your health.
  • Next we separate the fullerenes from the amorphous carbons by soaking them in an organic solvent (ie toluene, hexane, etc) to dissolve the fullerenes.
  • We then filter the solution and the amorphous carbons form a cake on the top of the filter and what comes through the filter are the fullerenes in solution.
  • The solvent is boiled off and collected to be recycled. The black powder that is left on the side of the flask after evaporation is a mix of fullerenes, and is typically 70% C60 and 30% C70 which we further refine for our C60 products.
  • Chromatography is one of the best ways for separation, which is how we do it in our laboratory.
  • The final and most important step for making ESS60 is to remove the residual solvents.
  • Our process uses a vacuum oven at elevated temperatures to bake off all the solvents.
  • We finish with a washing process to further clean the product and the result is “ESS60” or C60 as it has become known to the public for the last few years.

Scientific Facts About C60/ESS60

  • ESS60 is our proprietary C60 formulation that has been produced for nearly 30 years!
  • Our ESS60 was used in the 2012 original Paris study that showed up to a 90% life extension in lab mammals.
  • ESS60 is created to be solvent-free, vacuum oven baked, and washed Carbon 60. to be safe for human consumption.
  • ESS60 is an allotropic form of carbon discovered by Rice University researchers in 1985, and it may become known as one of the greatest healing remedies of our time.
  • Choose C60 Evo’s ESS60 formulation if you are ingesting it or giving it to your pets!
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