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How much C60 Evo should I take?

The typical recommended amount of C60 Evo edible ESS60 oils to take each day is 1 teaspoon (5ml), although some people in our office take up to 1 tablespoon (15ml) twice a day. Start with 1 teaspoon and experiment with what feels best.

You can enjoy it by itself or add it to your daily breakfast. Whether on its own or you mix it in hot coffee or chilled smoothies, the oils will still work their magic. However, keep in mind that some individuals have mentioned feeling extra energized when taking the oils in the evening, which might interrupt your sleep. To steer clear of any sleep disruptions, we recommend making C60 Evo part of your morning ritual instead.

What is ESS60? How does it differ from C60? How is it made?

ESS60/C60 is a natural compound that is found in very small amounts in nature. The quantities of ESS60/C60 found naturally are minimal, such as traces on charred wood from lightning strikes or near soot deposits at the end of a candle. To obtain larger amounts, a research laboratory is necessary. Our ESS60 is derived from a graphite rod through a unique process that generates a fullerene mixture containing C60, C70, C76, C78, and C84. This mixture then goes through our proprietary purification process to isolate only the C60 for safe human consumption.

ESS60 is the specific C60 formulation utilized in the original University of Paris Baati rat study, demonstrating that subjects given ESS60 lived 90% longer than those in the control group. Discovered by Rice University researchers in 1985, ESS60 is considered an allotropic form of carbon, joining diamonds and graphite on the list of such forms in nature since the mid-1980s.

Are there any side effects of taking C60 Evo?

No side effects have been documented. Some customers may notice a peppery taste at the back of their throat from the high-quality olive oil used in the product. If you do not like the taste, just take a quick sip of water or snack on some bread to get rid of it. Also, if a full teaspoon of olive oil doesn’t agree with your stomach, try splitting the dose throughout the morning hours. Keep in mind that ESS60 is a new molecule, so it might affect each person differently. Feel free to adjust your dosage based on how you feel.

Can I take more than the recommended serving size?

Yes, many of our customers share that they exceed the recommended 1 teaspoon (5ml) per day. In fact, some individuals at our office consume as much as 1 tablespoon (15ml) twice a day. For some, the concern lies in the amount of olive oil they wish to consume. Choose the dosage that suits your body’s needs best.

Do I need to take C60 Evo with food?

The main ingredient in C60 Evo is olive oil, which is considered a food itself. This means you don’t have to pair C60 Evo with extra food. Some of our customers mention enjoying C60 Evo with meals that typically include olive oil, like on vegetables. Others note that taking it after a meal feels right for their body. There is no evidence to suggest that taking C60 Evo with food will either diminish or amplify its benefits.

How do I store C60 Evo?

Typical olive oil has a shelf life of approximately 3 years. Some people believe that the ESS60 in C60 Evo (C60 processed for safer human consumption) can actually make the shelf life even longer. As long as you keep it stored in a cool, dry, dark place like a spice pantry, the product should stay good well past the “best by” date noted on the product. However, since most people consume our product within 30 days, we label it with a “best by” date of one year from when it was bottled.

When should I take C60 Evo?

The usual serving size for our edible oils is about 1 teaspoon (5ml) per day. You can easily incorporate it into your regular breakfast routine or take it on its own – whichever works best for you. Some customers have mentioned feeling more energized if they take it late in the day, which might affect their sleep, so we advise taking it earlier as part of your morning routine to avoid any potential disruptions to your nighttime rest.

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