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Strange Planet: Carbon 60 Update (Hour 2)

Richard Syrett, Chris Burres, Patty Greer In the 2nd hour, our own scientist Chris Burres returns to the program to provide an update on the health benefits of a chemical compound called Carbon 60 which may slow aging and reduce cellular damage. The consumable form of...

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The Pursuit of Happiness A SAT CHAT with C60 Evo's Chris Burres (The Godfather of C60) and Patty Greer (Goddess of C60) and Pigtail Gurl. We delve in to recent events, lockdown stories, and the implications ESS60 has for helping aid recovery from illness.

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Transformation & Possible Positive Outcomes

This is a Panel on the Transformation and Possible Positive Outcomes of the 2020 global pandemic process with Sacha Stone, founder of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice [ITNJ.org], Patty Greer, Crop Circle Filmmaker [CropCircleFilms.com] and C60Evo.com...

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