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The Miracle Molecule C60 EVO

The Miracle Molecule C60 Evo with Chris Burres & Patty Greer in the House A SatChat about the importance of choosing the right C60 supplement for yourself and loved ones. Chris, with his partner Wong, has been making C60 since 1991 when they invented the only...

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Chris Burres on Strange Planet with Richard Syrette

The Miracle Molecule - C60 Richard welcomes an engineer and entrepreneur to discuss one of the most important scientific discoveries of the late 20th century; a seemingly miraculous molecule, carbon 60. He'll discuss a peer-reviewed toxicity study which involved...

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C60 Evo Interview: Chris Burres & Randy Maugans

C60 Evo Interview: Chris Burres & Randy Maugans OffPlanet Media “The Evolution of C60: ESS60 with Chris Burres”  Nov 7, 2019 From Randy Maugans, OffPlanet Media: "Scientist-entrepreneur, Chris Burres of EvoC60, joins me to present the next generation of C60. While...

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Welcome to C60 Evo – Introducing Our C60/ESS60

Welcome to the Grand Opening of C60 Evo & Introduction to C60/ESS60. Our name refers to the Evolution of C60 which received the Nobel Prize in Science in 1996. C60 is a mega antioxidant anti-aging molecule that is changing the way people live for the better. Now...

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