Affiliates & Distributors

Would You Like to Become a C60 Evo Affiliate or Wholesale Distributor?

  • Do you take C60 Evo & enjoy the benefits?
  • Do you think your clients/fans would enjoy the benefits of C60 Evo?
  • If your answers are yes then please sign up to join us spreading wellness across the world with ESS60!

Difference Between Affiliates and Wholesale Distributors

  • As an affiliate you will receive a unique link and coupon code for first time buyers
  • As a distributor you will be purchasing C60 Evo at wholesale prices to stock in your location or distribute through your sales channels (excluding Amazon, eBay, and Etsy)

How to Sign Up As an Affiliate







Download the affiliate application, fill out the application and sign it, then send back a scan of the signed application to hello@c60evo.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to email directly or fill out the message form on our contact page. Please note that if you already have an email that you are using to purchase individually and would like a different affiliate user ID (which is included in your affiliate link) you will need to provide a separate email address. User ID’s cannot be updated.

How The C60 Evo Affiliate Program Works:

  • Once you return the affiliate form we will create & send you a personal code & a link to your personal/company dashboard.
  • Earn 15% (net) of every sale that comes through your link. Your customers receive 10% off their first order.
  • Subscriptions: You earn 15% on the first order and 5% on all subsequent orders (most maintain their subscriptions for months so itโ€™s a nice continuing income).
  • Feel free to create a video about your personal C60 Evo experiences if you enjoy the results. Use it as an ad to make commissions while you sleep!
  • Promote C60 Evo products on your website and subscriber emails with your personal link.
  • We do not allow affiliates/influencers/customers to sell C60 Evo products on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

C60 Evo Affiliate Payments

  • You will be paid 30 days after the end of each month, in case of returns or payment failures.
  • Affiliates are paid in the first week of each month – as long as the payment due is over $100. Commissions will accumulate up to $100 and be paid.
  • We pay commissions via PayPal. Please provide the PayPal email address we can use to pay you.
  • You will receive a login to access your C60 Evo affiliate dashboard so you can track your sales at any time.


  • Chris and Patty are happy to make themselves available to join you for interviews about C60 Evo and the science behind ESS60, based on availability.
  • You can contact us anytime with questions : hello@c60evo.com or call (346) 867-2815.

Wholesale Distributors

When you purchase 3 or more cases (36 bottles) you can receive 35% off and when you purchase 5 or more cases (60+ bottles) you can receive a 40% discount.* Please fill out the affiliate form and when sending your email to hello@c60evo.com please indicate you would like to be a wholesale distributor and purchase 3+ more cases with the distributor discount and whether or not you would also like to become an affiliate to get an affiliate link where your customers can buy direct and you will receive the affiliate commission.

We look forward to working with you!
C60 Evo LLC
Patty Greer Roche, CEO
Chris Burres & Robert Wong, Scientists

*PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow affiliates or distributors to sell C60 Evo products on Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Are you already an affiliate with C60 Evo?

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