Affiliates & Distributors

Would You Like to Become a C60 Evo Affiliate or Distributor?

  • Do you take C60 Evo & enjoy the benefits?
  • Do you think your clients/fans would enjoy the benefits of C60 Evo?
  • If your answers are yes then please sign up to join us spreading wellness across the world with ESS60!

How To Sign Up





Download the affiliate application, fill out the application and sign it, then send back a scan of the signed application to [email protected]. If you have any questions, please feel free to email directly or fill out the message form on our contact page.

How The Program Works:

  • Once you are approved we will send you a personal link and you will earn 10% of every sale that comes through your link
  • Market & distribute C60 Evo to the world and make money, even while you sleep
  • Sell C60 Evo products on your website & through your own subscriber emails
  • Sell C60 Evo products in your office or through print and/or on-air ads
  • You will be paid 30 days after the end of each month, as long as your commissions are more than $100 – your income will accumulate until you reach $100 in commissions if you don’t reach $100 in the first month

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow affiliates or distributors to sell C60 Evo products on Amazon or eBay websites.

Are you already an affiliate with C60 Evo?

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