Testimonials for C60 Evo

Testimonials for C60 Evo

I really love the C60 Evo Lip Remedy! Especially the peppermint. It is so smooth and silky, great for the dry weather here in Colorado!

Karen B.

I love your products but recently gave some of the oil to Moses my conure (bird) after she fell inside the cage and hurt her leg. All she would do is lay in the bottom of her cage. She wouldn’t eat or drink water, she really looked b

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Rosa F.

I want to reach out to tell you what amazing results I’ve had with ESS60. My sleep quality is so incredible and mental clarity superb! I’m hooked!!! Can’t wait to try the serum!

Louise M

I’ve been giving this to my cat and his hair is so soft! He loves it sprinkled on his food or right off a spoon.

J. Elliott

I tipped my facial serum over and didn’t notice for quite a while. It soaked into a piece of paper so I rubbed the paper all over my body and got as much as I could haha. Whenever a drop spills on my counter I rub it on my turkey nec

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Lucia S.

I’ve been using the silky-smooth C60 Evo Facial Serum for about 5 months now, I love the feel and even the herb scent. I’m 58 years old and have always taken great care of my skin. The real test was when I was visiting a high school cl

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S. Stuart
“Brilliant move in producing the C60 Evo serum! A natural product progression after the great success and efficacy of the original C60 formula. I’m just about finished with my first bottle and will continue with the 2nd so I don’t miss a beat!”

Martha F

The face serum is doing wonders on my scar on my ankle that is only 16 days old. I should have taken a picture when they took out the stitches 2 days ago and started using your product. The difference is amazing.


My mom has been taking C60 Evo for a month; she has degenerative arthritis of the spine, nerve damage, muscle atrophy, low energy associated with mitochondrial damage. She says she thinks the C60 Evo is working because she is not in as muc

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John S.
I take it every day and I swear I feel such a difference! My clarity, I have more energy, I stay up later, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, I am more flexible, this is a crazy product!

Ricky R.

You know I don’t have any make up on. The serum is amazing and it really plumps your skin and you don’t have to get Botox! It may be a little pricey but what price can you put on your Health? Give it a try, it’s the best C60 you can get. I tried others but this is the best.

Cirsten W.

Been taking this product for two months. I’m 54 male. Only 3 changes to report so far blood pressure dropped while testosterone levels raised. And after sometimes drinking too much scotch with my friends I don’t get a hangover. These are my facts hope it helps.

B. Jenkins

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