Testimonials for C60 Evo

Testimonials for C60 Evo

I’ve been using the C60 Evo Serum on my face and neck since I received it; It helped clear up some acne I got from a face threading that disrupted my pores a bit. It healed those bumps pretty quick! I use it all-over my face/neck and

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R. Flex

Got the parcel and LOVING the serum. Thank you. It is gorgeous on the skin.

The Pursuit of Happiness

I wish i had taken a before pic of my 20 year old cat. I have to tell you that her thighs had sunken in, like losing muscle. After 2 weeks there’s just a little bit of muscle loss. I guess it’s because she is moving around more in just

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Linda M

OMG, I just received my order yesterday and I love this stuff so much! Overnight my skin is so much softer and I really enjoy the way it smells! You’ve made an excellent skin serum.

Laurie J

I have been using C60 Evo Advanced Facial Serum for a little over 2 weeks and have felt my skin get softer overall, especially around the eyes and lips, my trouble spots. I am very pleased it has natural ingredients that do not irritate, a

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Regan T.

I am in love with my Advanced Facial Serum from C60 Evo! My pores are tightening, my skin feels silky smooth, and those tiny lines are disappearing. This product is above and beyond anything else that I have used. The rosemary scent and or

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Jacquelyn M.

Many thanks for the new serum!!! At 91 years old my skin has the glow of youth! It is smooth and so pretty, thank you C60 Evo Facial Serum!

Sally F.

I have combination skin so if anything is the least pore clogging it will break me out, but this facial serum did not clog pores or break me out. Initially I wasn’t sure about the rosemary scent but it has grown on me. I live in Hous

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Cassandra G.

C60 Evo Advanced Facial Serum is changing my coloring as I look rosier and have a warmer complexion

Cirsten W.

I love your EVO! I started taking it nearly a month ago and it has totally fixed my sleep. I had insomnia for years and this was like a miracle.

The Truther Girls

I saw Ms. Roche 10 days following skin surgery on her face. The wound looked impressive for this point in her healing process with minimal redness and thickening. Her cosmetic outcome was better than I have seen in other patients in this stage of recovery from the same surgery.

Dr. C., MD

C60 EVO has increased my mental clarity, acuity and frame of mind. It has lifted me out of the darker thoughts I used to have. I am in my 60’s and looking forward to a future of both physical and mental health with this fantastic product!


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