What Our Customers Are Saying


Really great products and services. I love the C60 EVO olive oil.
The staff is very accommodating and super helpful.

Sprock E - Google Review

On day one taking C60 Evo I noticed more energy for sure! Been using it a few days now.
Gives me energy every time and quickly! It’s very noticeable.

Faith C - Testimonial from Facebook

This product has been a great help with my fatigue. I used to nap 2X every day.
Now I nap only the odd afternoon. I’ve been taking C60 Evo oil for 2 years.

K Leckie - Google review

My mind is getting sharper by the minute & my skin has gone backwards in time. Speechless….
I am blown away how much I LOVE this product!

Ann Vandersteel

Superior and friendly customer service @ C60 Evo.

Bevan - Google Review

Excellent product. Can’t wait to see the results over time.
Customer service was absolutely excellent & thorough in answering my questions promptly.

jjkepka - Google Review

I love the product and C60 Evo resolved my problem beyond my greatest expectations.

David N - Amazon Review

Miracle serum for face! This is my second bottle of their amazing face serum. Makes your skin soft. Takes off fine lines and makes your skin look great!

Melanie - Amazon Review

I have been purchasing C60 Evo oil and the facial serum for almost 2 years. I love their products.

Maria R - Google Review

Thank you for the outstanding customer service! Your great and quick response is very appreciated. Kudos!

RG - Google Review

I love these products! Love the skin moisturizer. Customer Service is fantastic and super responsive. A top notch company!

Lynn G - Google Review

I started giving C60 to my older dogs (Boxers) and the difference is profound!! Their eyes appear less cloudy, they get up and go much quicker, they are more playful, and they get excited like puppies again! Absolutely amazed!

Angela B - Google Review

I wish i had taken a before pic of my 20 year old cat. I have to tell you that her thighs had sunken in, like losing muscle. After 2 weeks there’s just a little bit of muscle loss. I guess it’s because she

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Linda M

I absolutely LOVE these products! I have been taking the capsules for a month, also using the serum and face creams. Beautiful stuff! The packaging is sweet as well, made me smile when I opened the box. Thank y

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Lisa M - YouTube

You both look amazing. Compare this to older videos.

BikerChic - YouTube

A huge shout out C60 Evo for quick responses to my questions & for for keeping this 72 year old active with much less joint pain.

Monica - Google Review

C60 Evo is a great product which I highly recommend! It’s been a high priority in my daily health care routine. Their customer service rep was kind, gracious and helpful. Keep up the good work!

Monica - Google Review

It definitely heals wounds. I had a burn and skin scratches, irritation in my nose, etc. My hubby told me to put the face serum on it. I did. Was gone or significantly decreased over night. Luv it. Take it with me everywhere.

Miriam T. - YouTube

Amazing face serums. This is my second order. Makes your skin soft, takes off fine lines and makes your skin look great!

Melanie - Amazon Review

The great news about C60 Evo olive oil how terrific I feel in the morning from a complete rest, the boost of focus & thorough reduction in inflammation! The customer service team is top notch.

Judy J - Google Review

I started my 12-yr-old black lab & 3 cats on C60 Evo in January 2022. What sold me was their clinical test results where the study group of rats lived 90% longer than the control group. I really wish I’d

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Jeanine B. - YouTube Comment

Love All People In their Customer Service, All So nice and Caring!! Loving C60 Evo Inside & Out… Healing & Healthy feeling!!
On the way to 65 & GRATEFUL for This EVO!!!! And For The scientists!!! And Patty!! 😃❤❤

Pamela - Google Review

Talk about customer service-this place is fantastic! C60 Evo products are now a part of my daily routine after 3 months of use.
LOVE the capsules and the Youth Re-New products.

Karen P - Google Review

My 3 cats and a neighbor’s cat love this product! My neighbor’s cat is out 24/7 and had a nasty rash with hair loss on his head and neck and healed well within 10 days. He was very thankful with his dinner additive. Fantastic product and great health of my crew. Huge thanks!

Mary B - Google

My wife absolutely loves the C60 EVO face serum, she has been using it for over a year now. She just has a constant glow, and get compliments all the time. She always says this is the best product she has ever

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Evan Higgins - Google

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