C60 Evo Serving Size Calculation

For (Most) Humans

A typical dose for an adult is 1 teaspoon per day, preferably before noon.

If you digest C60 Evo well and desire more, you can take a tablespoon.

(Note: calculator is in Beta. Please use with caution.)

This calculator was created based on the original Baati longevity paper. In the original peer-reviewed published study which utilized our product ESS60 was intended to be a toxicity study and turned into a longevity experiment. That same study also reviewed the effect of ESS60-olive oil solution on oxidative stress. The study was performed on rats so it is necessary to do an allometric based conversion to get an appropriate dosage for humans (based on human metabolism).


For reference, here are the C60 Evo bottle sizes with the number of teaspoons in each size:
4 oz = 24 tsp
8 oz = 48 tsp
16 oz = 96 tsp
32 oz = 192 tsp

Dosage by weight for C60/ESS60
Use the calculator below to find a relevant human dosage. Be sure to choose and enter pounds (USA) or kilograms correctly for proper dosage.

lb  kg

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