Articles and links about c60

Articles and Links About C60

Informative Articles About C60 from Various Sources

Nobel Prize In Chemistry, 1996

October 9, 1996  Nobel Prize Press release : English / Swedish

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to: Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Rice University, Houston, USA, Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto, University of Sussex, Brighton, U.K., and Professor Richard E. Smalley, Rice University, Houston, USA for their discovery of fullerenes.”

12 Health Benefits of Carbon 60 & Superfood Rich in C60!

“Carbon-60, also known as C60, buckminsterfullerene, fullerene-60 or buckyball, is likely to be the most amazing chemistry discovery of the late 20th century…” Read full article here >

Buckyballs (C60) – Periodic Table of Videos

Published by Periodic Videos: September 10, 2010

“We take a look at the famous Buckminsterfullerene, better known as buckyball or C60.” Link to video here >


Answer: How will C60 improve drug delivery systems?

Published by Nobel Prize: September 32, 2010

“Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1996, has answered a selection of your video and text questions from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This answer is in response to a question from Thenobelfan.” Link to video here >


C60 Study: The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60] fullerene

“We are proud to announce that SES Research’s very own C60 product was recently used in a highly successful scientific study…” Read full article here >

Also on ScienceDirect here >

From LongeCity:

“Carbon nanospheres almost double rat lifespan: a critique”
Published: Jul 14 2012
Read here >

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