I am here to highly recommend this amazing product! I have taken it for one week and the changes in my skin have been more than miraculous! For the last two years, I have openly expressed my worries of my body “rejecting” my largest organ, my skin. My arms and legs were scaly with the appearance of a snake. NOTHING helped, no lotions, oils, NOTHING. After one week, my skin is very supple once again. (I take 1 tsp a day). And, is it possible that my brain is happier because of it??? I also give it to my animals. I have a cat that suffers from chronic lung allergies. He too seems to show improvement with fewer episodes of violent coughing. My fingers are crossed. I mean, who likes to see their pet suffer? Not this girl! I have ordered more as gifts for my daughters. Never too early to start the anti-aging process!! LOVE IT!!