Powerful Formulas for Real Results Fast

Feb 15, 2023 | C60 Evo Duo Products, C60 Evo Pets, Interviews

C60 Evo Breakthrough Hair & Skin Set

Patty Greer, Michael Jaco and Chris Burres

TREAT YOURSELF TO C60 EVO’S POWERFUL FORMULAS REAL RESULTS FAST 4 BODY, SKIN, HAIR & PETS. Michael discusses his personal improvements with Patty and Chris since using C60 EVO’s incredible formulations! More energy & deeper sleep, and even renewed hair growth after decades of being bald!

C60 Evo’s lab manufactures and delivers the cleanest carbon 60 products on the planet with the highest concentration levels available today. Organic edible oils, face & lip serums, hair renewal & fantastically effective pet products! 

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