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30-Day Supply of C60 Evo ESS60 in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Capsules.

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30-Day Supply of C60 Evo ESS60 in extra virgin olive oil - softgel capsules - oral supplement.

Total of 180 capsules – Daily Serving Size = 6 capsules.

We recommend taking C60 Evo before noon, preferably with food and water for maximum absorption.

C60 Evo manufactures & delivers pure C60 “ESS60” blended into carefully sourced organic extra virgin olive oil. Our products have been continuously stirred for 3 weeks at room temperature in a dark environment without oxidation to become fully saturated to ~0.8 - ~0.85 mg/ml of C60 concentration. Our pure C60 ESS60 formulation was used in the “2012 Paris Baati Study” where the test subjects (Wistar rats) lived 90% longer then the other test subjects and died without tumors, which was historic.

Please note, the softgels are gelatin and therefore this product is not vegan like our other products.

C60 Evo organic olive oil is also available in an edible elixir to take daily by spoon. Available in : 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz bottles.
4 oz = 24 tsp
8 oz = 48 tsp
16 oz = 96 tsp
32 oz = 192 tsp

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