C60 Evo Cat Lover Subscription (Monthly)

Original price was: $165.00.Current price is: $126.00. / month

Our C60 Evo Cat Lover Set includes: 1 – 4oz bottle of C60 Evo in organic olive oil for you and 1 – 3oz bottle of “C60 Evo for Cats” with natural salmon flavoring. C60 Evo contains 100% pure C60/ESS60. Save from the already discounted set with a monthly subscription (see below for more details).
Please see full description below for information regarding subscriptions and cancellations.

Our C60 Evo Cat Lover Set Includes:

C60 Evo contains 100% pure ESS60.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, please contact us prior to the next processing date. Subscriptions are processed on the same day from the original subscription order each month. Requests to cancel after one has received the email notification "Your C60 Evo renewal order receipt from [Month Day, YYYY]" that your next subscription is being processed is too late to cancel for that month, however, it can be cancelled for the next month's delivery. Please contact us if you have any questions!


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