ESS60: Immune boost, anti-aging, antiviral

May 28, 2020 | Interviews

Alfred Lambremont Webre, Chris Burres, Patty Greer

May 28, 2020

Chris Burres opens up about the loss of integrity in the online C60 industry. The (real) C60 experts assure us that it’s FAR better for your health to buy clean ESS60 which is manufactured to be safe for human consumption. They know at the lab that C60 with lower purities have solvents that have been shown to be unsafe for human consumption. We expose the fact that some companies are selling you C60 from Wuhan China… and we don’t recommend that!

SES Research did a lab analysis of 22 different online C60 products in March & April 2020. Unfortunately the final results were “woefully low” and shocking when they discovered that most of the companies had 10-30% of the C60 concentrations that their bottles claimed! If a company states “maximum concentration” on a bottle of C60 blended with olive oil it should be between .8 – .86 mg/mL’s of C60. The concentrations they discovered in most of the products were .3 mg/mL’s of C60 in their olive oil, or less. The results for avocado oil should be around .6 mg/mL’s of C60. We found a leading online brand had only 10% of that amount: .06 mg/mL’s of C60. We rarely promote C60 blended with MCT coconut oil because it holds the least amount of C60 by far at .35 mg/mL’s of C60. The online C60 capsules and caplets had the worst C60 concentrations of any product tested.

People deserve to know the truth when they are spending this kind of money, and now you can hear it direct from the lab that has been manufacturing the BEST C60 / ESS60 for the last 29 years with great integrity. When you buy from C60 Evo you label WILL receive the C60 concentrations that the bottles claim! You will always get what you pay for with C60 Evo!


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