Incredible ESS60 Longevity News!

Oct 5, 2020 | C60 Evo News

One of our clients, a medical doctor practicing out of Tampa, using our ESS60 formulation had the following results.

He used myDNAAge test to identify the DNA age of two test subjects prior to starting the protocol. The clients took 3 Thorne ResveraCels twice per day, Metformin 500mg daily and ESS60 in Olive Oil each evening. The subjects were retested at 5 months. A typical great result for this type of test would be that the patients experienced only 4 months of “DNA aging” over the course of 5 months. In this case, one of the subjects had a My DNA Age decrease of 1.8 years while the other had a decrease of 2.7 years. The protocol is based on Dr. David Sinclair’s book Lifespan, with the addition of ESS60 in Olive Oil.

Our plan is to immediately start a baseline study and provide 4 test subjects with ESS60 in Olive Oil each morning. The subject will be DNA Age tested with a TruAGE test before beginning ESS60 in Olive Oil. The TrueAGE test will be repeated at month 3. With positive results, the test subjects will continue to take ESS60 in Olive Oil daily and will be tested every 3 months.

Chris Burres
SES Research Inc.


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