C60/ESS60 Antioxidant 172 X more powerful than vitamin C

Jan 23, 2020 | Interviews

Chris Burress & Patty Greer: C60/ESS60 antioxidant 172 X more powerful than Vitamin C

HOUSTON, TEXAS – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Chris Burres, co-owner and scientist at C60EVO.com and Patty Greer, C60EVO Outreach Director, introduce C60/ESS60, an Evolution of C60 that received the Nobel Prize in Science in 1996. C60 is a mega antioxidant anti-aging molecule that is changing the way people live for the better. Now you can buy the highest quality C60 on the market direct from the source with a guarantee of high purity 100% C60/ESS60, a new elite brand from the original C60 company that has been manufacturing C60 for the world for the past 28 years.

Chris is a Mechanical Engineer turned Scientist turned Entrepreneur. Using Nobel Prize-Winning chemistry tested by NASA that was shown to double the lifespan of mammals, Chris went on a mission to make C60 a household name years ago. C60 has proven itself to help people feel healthier, live longer and pain-free lives. His parent company SES has produced most of the raw C60 sold in America since 1991, and today with C60 Evo & ESS60 the secret is out in this fast-moving ExopoliticsTV interview.

Co-owner scientists Chris Burres and Robert Wong invented the only reactor machine of its kind to produce Carbon 60 (ESS60) and other Carbon molecules when they were in college. Statement from C60 Evo: ” The demand and awareness has grown exponentially in the last few years because it works.

β€œThe evolution of C60 had to happen where a new standard was set to guarantee purity and quality to consumers. C60 Evo (C60Evo.com) sells direct to the public now with a guarantee that it is safe C60 for human consumption. Their manufacturing process is exceptional and done in a certified clean lab. Their C60 goes through a vacuum oven dry and wash process. They test batches regularly for purity and suspension to guarantee the bottles offer you what they claim. This is rare in the C60 world. At C60 Evo they spin the raw ESS60 powder & organic oil for three weeks in large kettles. These mixing machines are airtight, and without any oxidation or sonication (heat). Once again this is rare in the C60 world. Chris Burres is doing it right.”


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