Testimonials + Compliments for C60 Evo

Jan 23, 2020 | Testimonials

Beautiful testimonials + compliments from our C60 Evo show with Alfred Lambremont Webre on December 21, 2019

Every time I see your show Alfred, I think you are younger looking. You may want to stop taking it when you get back to 21 again. Blessings Alfred. Patty also appears to be getting younger over the last 2 years.


Mr Burres, your skin is a testimony.

John Sommers

Alfred I’ve been thinking you had plastic surgery lately … but maybe it’s the C60 effect making you look distinctly younger???

Can EveryoneC

hi from UK been taking c60 for some months now. Don’t have any health probs but my goodness you can tell its doing something. Thanks Alfred, used to watch you a long time ago and hadn’t seen you for a couple of years, I could not believe the difference in your voice, hair, countenance. You are living endorsement of this product. Any doubters go back and see Alfred 5 years ago.



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