Video Clip: What makes C60 Evo’s ESS60 safe for human consumption?

Mar 18, 2020 | Video Clips

Chris Burres explains the difference between C60 and ESS60, available  here at C60 Evo

The main difference is in the manufacturing process, getting it from C60 to ESS60 is really about removing the solvents.

Chris explains that “water soluble C60” is not safe for humans, as discovered in peer reviewed scientific papers. Chris’ parent company has sold C60 (carbon 60) for industrial purposes, and it is not processed to be safe for human consumption. C60 Evo’s “ESS60” has been processed specifically to be safe for human consumption. Be mindful when purchasing C60 products online.*
This clip is from “The Pursuit of Happiness” Youtube show March 2020.


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