Testimonial for C60 Evo – March 18, 2020

Mar 18, 2020 | Testimonials

 Like to promote a product that I’ve never done before here since this group was made to show how to make your own c60 in oil but I’ve taken c60Evo.com for now 6 dys and can tell a difference in quality from others I’ve taken. I still believe in making your own and wouldn’t buy any c60 except through SES if u don’t want tp make your own. I 100% would endorse C60 Evo and I didn’t think that until i started taking it. My lungs as a 50yr smoker are feeling better. I feel like getting out of bed and taking on the world. These next 2 months is going to change our paradigm and c60Evo.com should be part of it. God bless us all.

Kenny Lejkowski, Sr.

Admin of “Carbon60 "C60" All you need to know to make C60 in oil at home” FB Group


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