Video Clip: Canvassing the Online C60 Market was Surprising

Mar 22, 2020 | Video Clips

Chris Burres said his lab group did a recent product survey, canvassing most of the online C60 products and sellers.

Lab results showed very low concentrations of C60 in many well known C60 products. Some labels claimed .8 ml/mg of C60, and had less than .1 mg/ml of C60 in their product.

C60 Evo concentrations match what the labels say!

They tested all of the C60 capsule/gelcaps on the market, some of them were the size of horse pills. They found very little C60 in any of them. He said you would need 20-200 capsules to equal 1 teaspoon of C60 Evo. One of the samples he tested was labeled “.8 mg/mls of C60.” When it was tested it had only “.05 mg/mls of C60.” He’s concerned about the integrity of the C60 industry after seeing all of these examples.

Chris explains the different saturation points of different oils which are constantly monitored at his lab. Most companies are not explaining to their consumers that they get half as much C60 in coconut oil as they would get buying C60 mixed into olive oil, no matter how long you stir it.

This clip is from “The Pursuit of Happiness” Youtube show March 2020.


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