Video Clip: About C60 Evo’s ESS60 Potency

Mar 20, 2020 | Video Clips

Chris Burres and his parent company (SES) have been selling C60 to research institutions around the world since 1991.

These products have been used for multiple applications and his pedigree is selling at a very high level in the fullerenes industry.

C60 Evo products are tested in an HPLC machine (high performance liquid chromatography) regularly to assure the purity and concentration of the products. His frustration with seeing so many online products shorting their C60 was surprising, yet he knew that most online C60 companies don’t have an HPLC machine to test their products. He concluded that luckily their customers don’t either.

This clip is from “The Pursuit of Happiness” Youtube show March 2020.


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